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Rosebud Plaza, LLC is seeking funding for more improvements.  The banking industry is a very valuable part of our society, but there are alternative investments that can make your investment dollars increase faster.

Our plan for Rosebud Plaza recently won high marks for investment strategy.   The Rosebud Plaza, LLC plan placed in the top 10% of over 100,000 investment plans from aroung the world.  Pretty great if we don't say so ourselves.  Contact the Rosebud Plaza office at info@rosebudplaza.com about this investment and others available.  Expect high returns on your capital!  Small investment amounts are welcome.  Returns expected are much higher than a bank savings account or average stock market returns - especially now!

All non-member investments must be through a registered broker or registered financial adviser.  Currently all investments in Rosebud Plaza, LLC are through private membership in Rosebud Plaza, LLC.

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