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Question:  What are your rooms like?

Answer:  We have several different types of rooms.  Currently we have large suites for the discerning client, smaller suites similar to the average hotel room, but the majority of rooms are bunk rooms which are great for families and large hunting groups.  Just think of sleeping in your childhood classroom and you will have a good image of what your stay with us will be like.

Question: If I am planning a large group hunt, can you accommodate us?
Answer:  The Rosebud Plaza is a big complex.  We have over 49,393 square feet of building and a complete city block to take care of your space requirements.  We own or have agreements to hunt thousands of acres of land.  Rosebud Plaza, LLC can handle small to very large groups.  You may even be lucky enough to schedule your hunt during a day we have a live band or concert scheduled.  It is our goal to make your trip fun and memorable.

Question: Will you pick us up from and return us to the airport?
Answer:  We provide service from the Gregory Municipal Airport for everyone that flies into Gregory.  We will even provide air transportation for individuals and groups that want to book this with us.  We do not offer service to other airports with all packages, but if you purchase certain packages we will pick you up at most airports in either a late model passenger care,  SUV or a 16 passenger bus with wheel chair accommodations.  Please inform us ahead of your arrival when you need special accommodations or are bringing a dog or 2.   We will make certain your canine companion has a place to ride.

Q: How far is Rosebud Plaza, LLC from the Rapid City, Pierre and Sioux Falls airports?
Answer:  Ground travel time from the Rapid City airport is approximately 3 ½ hours.  Ground travel time from the Sioux Falls airport to Rosebud Plaza, LLC is approximately 3 hours. Ground travel time from the Pierre airport is approximately 1 ½ hours.  A few of our packages include transportation from the Rapid City, Sioux Falls, Pierre, and Mitchell airports.


Question: Do you provide guides?
  Our package hunts are guided with dogs bred and trained for hunting.  The guides have specially trained dogs that are used to guns and working with hunters. Dogs are used to help find and flush birds and to retrieve game animals from places where most of us don't want to go.

Question: Am I allowed to bring my own dogs?
  You are permitted to bring your own dogs.  You may also use your own dogs for the hunt.


Question: Am I allowed to bring my own gun?
  It is best when you bring your own gun to hunt with.  You will be able to rent a gun, but there is a possibility that we will not have a gun that fits you well or that you will be comfortable with.  We also have a very limited supply of guns for rental and the fee for using a gun from Rosebud Plaza is additional to your hunting costs.


Question: Am I allowed to keep my dog with me at all times?
  You are not allowed to have your dog/s in your room or in most areas of Rosebud Plaza.  We provide a sheltered building for the dog’s stay.  The dog will not be left out in the weather.  All dogs need to be kenneled or on a leash with a maximum length of 6 feet when anywhere except the hunting area.


Question:  Do I have to use non-toxic shotgun shells?
  We prefer that you use non-toxic shells for all of your hunts.  You must follow South Dakota and Federal regulations for types of shells or bullets to use.  We love South Dakota, the people of South Dakota and the animals that live here.  When discovering a safer way to enjoy the outdoors it is generally best to make our impact as small and safe as possible.

Question: What are the best shotguns to use?
  The gauge of shotgun that you are the best with is what we recommend.  Most hunters prefer the 12 gauge for pheasant hunting.

Question: Should I wear blaze orange clothing / outerwear?
  While in the field and hunting it is required that you wear safety orange jackets or vests and safety orange caps at all times.

Question:  What do you do to make the hunting as safe as it can be?
  You must wear blaze orange safety clothing, attend a safety meeting and prove to the guide that you can handle a gun safely.  While we cannot prevent anyone from making a mistake during the hunt we do our best to prevent accidents.  Safety is our primary concern.  We will not allow you or anyone else to hunt when there are indications that an individual or group will be unsafe.   Everyone must attend a safety meeting and evaluation prior to hunting.  

Question: What is the hunting terrain like?
  We have so much available property to hunt on that it is nearly impossible to describe the variety of waterways, cattle dams, draws, shelter belts, forest areas, grass land, row crop fields, slews, ponds, lakes and of course the Missouri River with all of the river’s offerings.

Question: What hunting dog breed(s) are best?
  Our president prefers Labrador Retrievers because he has had some exceptional Labradors during his childhood in South Dakota to hunt with.  Labradors are considered one of the most obedient breeds.  Other people prefer the German Short Hair and feel it is best suited for the terrain.  As long as the dog is well trained and obedient and likes to hunt we are happy to see them assisting us in the field.


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