Welcome to the Exposition and Event Instructions Page.

This area shows you our available parking areas and a simple map of available bathrooms, etc.

With the instructions and plans you will be able to plan ahead for parking and entering the facilities.

You can also view the restrictions that must be imposed in order to give you a pleasant and safe visit without being escorted off the property for violating building and site restrictions.  There are signs directing you to the allowable areas and there will always be additional directions and signs added, but a general guide is intended with this page to give you the possibility to plan your visit for ease of entering and exiting the site.

Rosebud Plaza, LLC reserves the right to refuse entrance and service to anyone at the sole discression of Rosebud Plaza, LLC management and staff.

Have fun just treat the grounds and facility with care.  Parts of Rosebud Plaza are fragile and care needs to be taken to preserve the grounds and facility.  This property has historical value to the community and to Rosebud Plaza, LLC.

A few simple restrictions:

1)  No smoking in the facilities or on the site.  Rosebud Plaza is a non-smoking facility.

2)  No parking anywhere other than areas shown on the map.  

3)  Follow all restrictions imposed by the signs posted on the property.

4)  Enter with vehicles on the southeast end of the facility from Spencer Avenue and exit on the northeast end of the facility onto Spencer Avenue.

5)  Lawn and grounds are open to visitors with the following restrictions.  No vehicles allowed unless prior written authorization is given.  No pulling or collecting of plant samples or damage of plants or grounds in any way without prior written authorization.

6)  Entrance for individuals to the main hall is from the south and southeast entrances only.  Normal exiting is through the same entrance doors.  Emergency exits are maintained and in the event of a fire or other emergency all exits are to remain unobstructed and available for emergency egress/exit.

7)  No live pornographic exhibitions or presentations are allowed.  For example a pornographic presentation by a live performer.

8)  Public demonstrations must be approved by management and have prior written approval.  

9)  No misconduct.  Anyone displaying disruptive behavior or attire may be barred from entrance to the grounds, escorted from the grounds and barred from reentrance to the grounds at the discretion of Rosebud Plaza, LLC management and/or staff.  Rosebud Plaza, LLC reserves the right to refuse entrance and/or service to anyone.

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