Welcome to Rosebud Plaza's Event Reservation Page.

This area lets you see what additional services are provided for your special events. 

With the list of services provided in this area, you are able to choose the types of services you would like to make your special day or days even more special.

Wedding Receptions:  The honeymooners can rent a suite above the partiers and keep thier special relatives and friends close by in other rooms.  (Not too close by!)  The stage will make it possible for you to see all of your guests and for your guests to see and congratulate you.

Conferences:  Let your managers and special staff have a bonding hunting and fishing trip and keep them close for the business meetings.

Internet Conferences:  Use the state of the art system we have compiled to videoconference with your associates no matter where they are in the world.  The large banquet room or smaller rooms are available.  You can conference 2 to 600 in house and as many as you desire on the internet.

Family Reunions:  There is no better way to have a family reunion than to get everyone together where they can eat, sleep and visit with each other where the weather doesn't matter.  We have the room if you have the family.

Class Reunions:  Whether you are a graduate from Gregory High School or one of the nearby towns or cities you are welcome here.  Bring the family and let the whole class know what you have done with your life.  You may even find out what others have done with their lives.

Auctions:  We are opening a large doorway so you may bring your goods in out of the weather and allow the buyers to stay dry and out of the wind.

Decorations Are Available:  The Rose of ShaRon has decorations for rental at your event.  Weddings, Cowboy meetings and many other types of decorations are ready to make your event a visual pleasure.  Catering is available on-site through Rosebud Plaza or off-site through another local catering company.

For Reservations Contact the Reservation Desk at:  reservation@rosebudplaza.com or Phone:  (714) 892-0428

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