Main Office and Headquarters:

707 Rosebud Avenue
Gregory, South Dakota 57533



Big Bear City, CA - close to Snow Summit and Big Bear ski resorts
Garden Grove, CA - close to Disneyland, California beaches, Angel stadium, Segerstrom Center for the Arts

Rosebud Plaza's Main Office and Business Center is located near mainstreet in the heart of downtown, close to shopping, restaurants, galleries and entertainment.  We are a convenient 5-minute drive from Gregory Airport and a 5 minute walk from downtown Gregory.


The City of Gregory is a local business center, with many businesses located in the downtown core.  Entertainment also plays a prominent role in the city’s vibrant culture.  Everyone lives close to the great outdoors and most people love the rural atmosphere.


    When Gregory, South Dakota is mentioned it is immediately associated with some of the finest hunting available anywhere.  The number one game bird is the Ringneck Pheasant.  During pheasant hunting season, Gregory's 3,800 foot hard surfaced runway and accompanying facilities are full.  Airplanes ranging from business jets to two passenger airplanes. 

     Hunting is not limited to pheasants.  Turkey, duck, geese, and grouse are other birds hunted.  Prairie dogs, fox, coyote, trophy mule deer, and white tail deer are also hunted.

      Gregory's golf course provides a non crowded challenge for both the beginner and low handicapper.  There are three other challenging golf course within 30 minutes of Gregory. 

     Gregory is 25 minutes away from some of the greatest walleye fishing in South Dakota.  Just spending a lazy day of boating, sailing or pontoon boating on miles of open water on the Missouri River reservoir can fill your memories of our great area.  You could spend time exploring seemingly endless miles of shoreline that humans may have never set foot on.
      Native American history abounds in Gregory County and the surrounding area.  
      During the summer months various Indian Pow Wows are held in the area.  Visitors are invited and encouraged to attend.  
      A unique part of Black American History resides in Gregory.  Oscar Micheaux was the first Black American to produce a full length motion picture.  Oscar Micheaux also wrote many books.  The Oscar Micheaux museum is dedicated to preserving his contributions to full length motion picture development.  Oscar Micheaux is one of the courageous men who wanted to change the way Black Americans were portrayed in film.  
      You may also want to spend a leisurely day floating down the Niobrara River in Nebraska.  A short drive from Gregory.  This river has been proclaimed, by the US Government, as a Wild and Scenic River.  You can spend from a few hours, to a couple of days floating down this River in a canoe, inner-tubes or kayak.

      Gregory is a great place to live and work!  Gregory is a great place to visit for exploring, fun and relaxation.
      Rosebud Plaza is on Rosebud Avenue in the heart of the City of Gregory the Rose of the Rosebud and in the Rosebud region of South Dakota.
      You need to come relax and "Smell the Roses" at Rosebud Plaza in the City of Gregory!

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